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Roger Gray, Chief Executive Officer

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Roger serves as Chief Executive Officer of Northwest Requirements Utilities. NRU consists of 54 consumer or publicly owned utilities in 7 states that rely upon the Bonneville Power Administration as their primary or exclusive source of power, and for transmission service.  NRU members represent nearly 1,700 aMW of loads placed on the BPA system.  NRU participates in all major BPA public endeavors as an advocate for Load Following power purchasers of energy.

Roger also serves in a consulting capacity as Executive Director of Northwest Energy Management Services (NEMS), Northwest Intergovernmental Energy Supply (NIES) and Northwest Energy Supply Cooperative (NESC). 

He also serves as Chief Executive Officer of NRU Consulting Services, LLC a subsidiary of Northwest Requirements Utilities that provides bi-lateral consulting services to the members of NRU for electrical power supply, transmission services, and related activities.

Roger provides staff support to NRU members, as well as staff services for the members of Northwest Irrigation Utilities.  

Roger has worked in the electric, water and telecommunications industry for 33 years.  His most recent experience was General Manager/CEO at Eugene Water and Electric Board.  Past experience includes, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Southern California Edison Company, Bechtel, IP Networks and his own consulting business.  His experience includes: operations, power resource planning, finance/rates, regulatory and strategic planning.

He has served on a variety of boards and committees in the Northwest including:  PPC, Northwest RiverPartners, PNUCC and the Oregon Governor's 10 year Energy Plan taskforce.

Roger has degrees in Electrical Engineering-Power Systems and Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

He and his wife, Susan, enjoy kayaking and other outdoor activities and spending time with family and friends.  They both are active community volunteers and have served on non-profit boards and committees.


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