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NRU provides staff support services to Pacific Northwest public power distribution utilities that are within the geographic footprint of the Bonneville Power Administration.  By contract NRU's members rely upon BPA as their primary or exclusive supplier of wholesale energy and related transmission services.  NRU's members pay BPA’s posted rates for these wholesale services and recover costs plus the cost of distribution services from the utility’s end use customers through their retail rates. Given current BPA contracts, the cost of wholesale power supply and transmission is about half of the NRU members' total costs. NRU staff represent the members’ collective interests on both policy and technical issues in their business relationship with BPA, and with other regional entities. NRU participates in all processes that affect the cost, quality and availability of wholesale power and transmission. 

NRU operates as a non-profit trade association that is financed primarily by the annual dues of its members. NRU also staffs Northwest Irrigation Utilities, whose members belong to NRU and pay an additional assessment for this representation. Additionally, NRU has a subsidiary consulting organization, NRU Consulting Services, L.L.C. The L.L.C. offers supplemental bi-lateral consulting services to the members regarding future power supply or other issues when individual members contract for such services.

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